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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to hire a photographer?

There are clear differences between images obtained by an amateur and those achieved by an experienced professional. Attaining captivating photos is rarely a result of chance. As quality images play a crucial role in the marketing strategy for any interior design and architecture business, obtaining such a level of visual documentation relies on four fundamental pillars:

Pro Photography Equipment at the capturing stage

  • DSLR camera bodies
  • Variety of lenses
  • Filters
  • Tripod
  • Lighting sources (strobe and continuous)
  • Lighting modifiers (umbrellas, softboxes, direct reflectors, and grids)
  • The fact of visualizing every image taken immediately from a tethered camera to the computer
Technical Expertise + Trained Vision

An experienced photographer specialized in interiors and architecture has acquired through his or her practice specific technical knowledge regarding several aspects of the capturing process, the diverse scenarios of lighting situations, and lighting behaviour according to every different space.


Dedicating time to review the location and time to plan and execute the actual shooting is something that the client usually does not have available.

Digital Post-Production

Processing raw image files post-editing to adjust several parameters such as colour balance, exposure, brightness, contrast, and perspective correction—to name a few—plus the digital retouching work

How do you set the price for a job?

As each project is different from others, it is quoted according to its own characteristics and client requirements. Circumstances such as time required on location, how complex the shoot is, travel and usage of the images, and whether third parties are supposed to use them, come into consideration. In this pricing guidelines page, Sergio gives the criteria for quoting a job.

How to begin

Whenever possible, it is highly desirable to have a preliminary visit at the shoot location in order to assess, plan, and prepare ahead of time to ensure that the capture session moves forward efficiently. Permissions and permits must be obtained in advance.

What happens after the shoot?

After the capture session comes the so-scalled “lab” work, which means the digital post-production stage, to enhance every image by adjusting its colour balance, brightness, contrast, reviewing perspective, and eventually performing some retouch work as needed. This part requires some time should not be rushed. My goal is to deliver the best possible images. Within a week, or sometimes even sooner, a set of pre-selected files in low resolution will be delivered via a cloud link to you for downloading.

Would it be possible to speak with one of your clients?

For sure, it will be my pleasure to provide references

Where do you shoot products?

Depending on the total number of items and/or their dimensions, they can either be photographed at my studio or the photographer can setup a studio at the client's premises.

What about copyright?

Copyright is usually retained by the photographer, who licenses the images to the client with unlimited usage rights. The use by third parties can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Copyright acquisition by the client is an option that can be negotiated.