Pricing Guide for professional photography of interior design / construction projects in Toronto and the GTA*

Even though every project and every client is unique, having both their own requirements, the following is a general guideline:
Half Day Creative Fee (up to 4hrs on location) Full Day Creative Fee (up to 8hrs on location) Additional Day Creative Fee at the same location
CAD 750 CAD 1,200 To be discussed

The creative fee involves pre-production work such as a preliminary visit to the site, the preparation and deployment of specialized equipment (lighting, laptop computer, etc) and licensing fees, unlimited usage rights for ONE client.

The number of different views that can be captured, obtained, in either half-day or a full day shooting session will vary depending on how much preparation work any specific angle, view, demands in terms of staging, de-cluttering, moving items and/or furniture, and lighting conditions of the space (…whether additional lighting setup is required, etc), and how far one space is from the other within the same project. For example, as a general rule in a four hour session between 5 to 10, 12… views could be captured in a high quality degree. Each project has its own technical and aesthetical challenges.

In addition to the above mentioned there is charge of CAD 30.00 per each selected and delivered image in concept of post-production work (i.e. raw file process: colour corrections, levels and contrast adjustments, and light to moderate retouching**).

* Depending on the location of the project to be photographed some additional mileage / travel time could be applied.

**Special retouching work will be billed separately.

The above mentioned fees do not include 13% HST.