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Toronto Commercial and Architectural Photographer

Professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design, construction and design-build understand the power of a great photo.

Their clients know it too. Years of surveys have confirmed what many of us have always believed: Actual photographs of work done possess a credibility that computer renderings simply can’t match.

But not all photographs deliver on this potential.

You design and build your spaces to achieve a very specific set of goals. Functionality and form are combined to create a finished product that is a unique and bespoke solution. To capture this achievement visually —to convey both the broad strokes and the subtle accents with the highest degree of fidelity— you need a photographer who is fluent in the languages of design, engineering, and visualization.

Sergio Sabag draws on his unique —and some might say, exotic— set of professional and cultural experiences to create architectural photographs that act not only as a stunningly beautiful record of your work, but also convey the intangible elements that clients find so enticing.

After decades of producing some of the finest photographs for world-class architects, builders, and designers, Sabag has developed an instinctual sense for the right combination of light, perspective, composition, and emotion to tell his client’s stories, delivering both surprise and delight with every image.

When you’re ready to preserve and promote your work, don’t rely on a generalist to deliver portfolio-class photography. Let Sergio Sabag give your projects the visual presentation they deserve: A curated collection of images that truly capture what you’ve accomplished.