Fotógrafo Publicitario

Desde 1994 me dedico a la creación de imágenes fotográficas de arquitectura y diseño de interiores, semana a semana, vengo acumulando una serie de destrezas, ya sean estéticas como técnicas, que no dejan de crecer.

Trabajo con arquitectos, diseñadores, constructores, desarrolladores de bienes raíces, agencias de publicidad y diversas publicaciones, que comprenden, reconocen y aprecian el valor que aportan las fotografías de gran calidad para atraer nuevos clientes, y así hacer prosperar sus empresas.

Cada proyecto de arquitectura o interiores tiene sus propias particularidades, y cada uno presenta distintos desafíos y problemas que el fotógrafo debe resolver para obtener los resultados esperados.

Más de veinte años de experiencia me han provisto los recursos necesarios para resolver con probado éxito cada trabajo encomendado.

Toronto Commercial and Architectural Photographer

Year after year professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design, construction and design-build are realizing how communication and marketing areas about their practises have gained an increasing importance for their businesses to thrive, for their names to be remembered.

The visual representation of their completed projects plays a fundamental role in the development of every strategy to properly tell “your story, challenges and achievements”, and so get your message across.

According to surveys clients will always prefer to see actual images of work done rather than computer generated images; their credibility is unsurpassable.

You, designer or builder, want your spaces be perceived not only real but enticing too, through all your promotion initiatives.

Here is where professional photography for architecture and interiors comes to fulfill an irreplaceable function: it embraces top quality visual record, but at the same time, and what is more relevant, its goal goes beyond it. It’s about creating an intangible value. This is what will happen to most of viewers when they will see your work through high quality visual presentation resources.

Successful image capturing of architectural subjects, as a branch of commercial photography, requires being proficient in two facets of this craft: the technical + the vision. The latter is the one that will dictate which are the decisions that the first will have to make. In other words, the photographer is who resolves technical issues by employing a wide range of equipment and accessories, and so to obtain the desired view.

This “desired”/obtained view is sometimes left by clients to my personal choice or taste, and many times is worked/discussed together with who hires me.

After more than twenty years of shooting for architects, designers and builders, in Buenos Aires, Winnipeg and Toronto, I believe I’got a trained vision…selecting the best point of view has become like a natural instinct.

SERGIO SABAG PHOTOGRAPHY | Commercial & Architectural Photographer
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We serve customers located across all Canada, the whole Ontario province, including Ajax, Aurora, Barrie, Brampton, Burlington, Concord, Hamilton, Markham, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Stoney Creek, Vaughan and Woodbridge.
We also travel across North, Central and South America to shoot for international clients.